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Du sang, de la volupté et de la mort

(Of Blood, of Pleasure and of Death)
1947 - 48
A trilogy.
Dedicated to Carter H. Wolff, Jr.

Part I: Psyche.
16mm film, color, sound; 25 minutes.
Inspired by Pierre Louÿs's unfinished novella, Psyché.
Music by Ralph Vaughn Williams:
excerpt from Serenade for Oboe.
With Ann Wells (the girl), George Emmons (the man), Mrs. Brown (the older woman passing by).
Filmed in Los Angeles and the surrounding Hollywood Hills.

Part II: Lysis.
16mm film, color, sound; 30 minutes.
Based on Plato's dialogue on the nature of friendship.
Music by Arthur Honneger: excerpt from La Danse des Morts (The Danse of the Dead),
Choral music upon a poem by Paul Claudel.
Cas : Gregory Markopoulos (the Wanderer)
Filmed in Toledo, Ohio.

Part III: Charmides.
16mm film, color, sound; 15 minutes
Based on Plato's dialogue "Charmides".
Music my Darius Milhaud: excerpt from Protée (Proteus), incidental music for
Paul Claudel's drama, Protée.
Filmed in Toledo, Ohio.
Preserved by Oesterreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna and Temenos Archive, Zürich.