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16mm film, color, sound; 82 minutes
Dedicated to my father, John Markopoulos.
With (in order of appearance) Parker Tyler, Storm De Hirsch, amy Taubin, Donald Droll, Harry Koursarous and Gordon Herzig, ben Weber, George and Mike Kuchar, Erick Hawkins, Loise Grady, Frances Steloff, Charles Boultenhouse, Alfonso Ossorio, Jasper Johns, Jonas Mekas, W.H. Auden, Jerome Hill, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, Robert Ossorio, Gregory Battcock, Hendrick Ruitenbeek, Shirley Clarke, Jan Cremer, Kenneth Kelman, Maurice Sendak, Paul Thek, Susan Sontag, Tom Chomont, Gian Carlo Menotti, Ed Emschwiller and family, Robert C. Scull.
Filmed in New York City.
Restored and preserved by Academy Film Archive( Los Angeles) and Temenos Archive (Zurich).