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35mm film, color, sound;
originally edited in two versions
Version I, 70 minutes; Version II, 90 minutes.
(The only known exisiting version is not Markopoulos's edit and contains additional titles, music and voice-over added later than 1961; 65 minutes)
Dedicated to Mme. Tiggie Ghika
Produced by James Paris
Based on elias Venezis's novel, Serenity
Original direction, photography, lighting, editing and sound by Gregory Markopoulos
Original music by Peter Hartman
Cast: Norma Valmi (Eirene), Constantine Baladimas (dr. Dimitri veni), Vivian Verrilli ( Anna, his daughter), George fountas ( Photis glaros), Nina Bobbie (Eleni Glaros), Koula agagiotou (Aunt Maris, Athena Mihalidou (Aunt Sophia), Dimitri Maras (Andreas, her son), Pandopoulos ( a water-diviner), Lili Yannikakii (Zambeta), Margaret goumas (widow), Thanas Veloudios (Barba Stathys), Byron Pallis (Mechanic), Takis Cabouras (Haritos), dimitri stamos (a boy)
Filmed in Mytilene and Annavysos, Greece, 1958.
Exisiting copy on video, J. and M. Paris Films, Athens.