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The Illiac Passion

16mm film, color, sound; 92 minutes.
Inspired by Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound.
Music by Béla Bartok é excerpt from Cantata Profana (A Kilenc Csodoaszarvas, The Nine Enchanted Stags).
Voice-over by Gregory Markopoulos, reading from the American translation of Prometheus Bound by Henry David Thoreau.
Costumes by Jerome Hiler.
Cast : Richard Beauvais (Prometheus), David Beauvais ( his conscience), Robert Alvarez (Narcissus), taylor Mead ( the Demon or Sprite), Sheila Gary (Echo), Mrs. Peggy Murray ( the Muse), Tom Venturi (Hyacinthus), Tally Brown (Venus), Kenneth King (Adonis), gerard Malanga (Ganymede), Jack Smith (Orpheus), Jan Chip[man (Eurydice), Andy Warhol (Poseidon), Phillip Klass (Daedelus), Margot Brier (Pandora), Paul Swan (Zeus), wayne Weber (Icarus), Carlos Anduze (Hades), Stella Dundas ( Moon Goddess), John Dowd (Endymion), Philip Marker (Apollo), Beverly Grant (Persephone/ Demeter), Clara Hoover (Io), gregory Battcock (Phaeton), and Gregory Markopoulos.
Filmed in New York City and Long Island.
Temenos Archive, Zurich.