Temenos 2022 Announcement & Registration

Temenos members and friends,

Temenos 2022 will take place June 9 to 19th in Lyssarea, Arkadia, Greece. During these ten days there will be two events; between Thursday June 9th and Sunday June 12th we will have a welcome reception (on the 9th) and the premiere Eniaios XII – XIV, then a three day pause from Monday June 13th to Wednesday June 15th followed by the projection of Eniaios I – III on Thursday June 16th to Sunday June 19th.

In order to keep the essential quality of the events, spaces will be limited, and guests who already paid for their accommodations in 2020 have been asked to confirm their attendance first.

Organizing bus travel and hospitality in Gortynia has always been a lively challenge; now, added obstacles may make the preparations more complicated. Only half as many beds are available in Loutra Ireas this year, and we cannot predict what Covid-19 may have in store for us.

Despite these uncertainties we are happy to open the registration on the Temenos website. You will see in the registration form below that there is an opportunity to request registration for either of two events, the premiere projections of Eniaios XII – XIV on June 9 to 12th or the projection of Eniaios I-III between June 16 to 19th, or both events. Please see below for further information.

I hope that Temenos spectators will understand the limitations. If we cannot find a bed or projection place for all of you this year, please know that we hope before long to bring Eniaios to other locations while still keeping Lyssarea at the center.

Registration is closed

Once you send your registration request, we will contact you in the next few days to let you know that we have received it. We will later follow up letting you know whether your registration was successful or if you will be put on the waiting list. Following notification of a successful registration, we will communicate costs of the event which should then be paid to confirm your place at Temenos 2022.

Please do not contact the hotels in the area on your own. This creates confusion and makes the planning more difficult for us.

Only registered guests will be admitted to the screening.

All costs listed below are estimated and will be confirmed in the coming few weeks:

1) Registration for the event: Free, suggested donation of €30

2) Bus transport to and from Athens city center, €60 per person

3) Use of local buses (transportation from your lodging to the screening site), €50 per person

4-1) Camping accommodations (limited availability, campers bring their own tents, chemical toilets available; showers are available for a small fee at the bathhouse in Loutra). Free, suggested donation of €30

4-2) Guesthouse accommodations (shared rooms, communal bathroom; if you are a single attendee, you may be paired with another traveler). €100 per person, all four nights per event

4-3) Private accommodations (bathroom and shower en suite; limited space is available). €300 per person, all four nights per event

Note: Those registering for both events will have accommodation covering June 9–19 inclusive. Estimated costs for guesthouse accommodations is €250 per person and private accommodations is €700 per person.

Registration is closed

More information about The Temenos 2022 screenings:

Eleven of the twenty-two film orders of Eniaios have been premiered at the Temenos site near Lyssarea in four year intervals—2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016—to a group of spectators who had traveled from Europe, North & South America and Australia especially for the event. Screenings of Eniaios at the Temenos site will continue as the restoration and printing of the film moves towards completion. Markopoulos wished to create a deeply personal and rewarding cinematic experience for his spectators. He chose the site near Lyssaraia, his father’s birthplace, for its natural beauty and conceived the Temenos as a space uniquely in harmony with the film as an instrument of philosophical and psychological revelation. The spectator’s journey to the Temenos anticipates the more extraordinary journey that takes place in front of the projection screen. The serene pace and gradual development of the film allows the viewer to perceive his or her own emotions in dialogue with the filmmaker’s concentrated, fleeting images. It is what Markopoulos designated “the intuition space.” Each screening begins with the setting of the sun and continues for approximately three hours under the movement of the heavens. There is no charge for admission. Each film order is an autonomous part of Eniaios: it is not necessary to have seen the earlier orders.

A small reception to welcome Temenos spectators will happen in the main square of Lyssaraia on the evening before the first screening.


– Thursday June 9th: Welcome dinner/reception
– Friday June 10th: Screening of Markopoulos’s
Eniaios XII
– June 11th: Screening of Markopoulos’s
Eniaios XIII
– June 12th: Screening of Markopoulos’s Eniaios XIV

Pause of three days (Monday June 13th – Wednesday June 15th)

– Thursday June 16th: Screening of Markopoulos’s Eniaios I (part one)
– Friday June 17th: Screening of Markopoulos’s
Eniaios I (part two)
– Saturday June 18th: Screening of Markopoulos’s
Eniaios II
– Sunday June 19th: Screening of Markopoulos’s Eniaios III